Friday, December 28, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion Time: South Carolina D

I took a brief look at the South Carolina defense early on in the Clemson game over at Maize n Brew.

The Tigers scored 14 points in the first quarter but only scored 3 the rest of the way. However, the Tigers did have success early on through some creative, diverse playcalling, some individual excellence from Tajh Boyd and a gameplan designed to minimize Jadeveon Clowney's effect on the game as much as possible.

It worked on Clemson's second drive, and the Tigers were able to hit USC with a a 2-play drive of back-to-back big plays, the latter a 43-yard score by DeAndre Hopkins. Michigan doesn't quite have the skill position talent that Clemson have, especially at receiver, but if Denard and Devin are used in the right way, Michigan can potentially scrape together enough offense to make this a game.

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