Monday, July 22, 2013

Shameless Self-Promotion Time: Offseason B1G Preview

Hello there. It's been a little while. We are only 40 days from Michigan football, so it's probably a good time to at least attempt to revive this thing after a long, depressing spring/summer of White Sox baseball.

Anyway, I haven't been writing much but I do have a few previews to share from over at Maize n Brew:

  • On July 8, I talked about my grad school team of choice, the Northwestern Fightin' Warrior Poets. Yes, fan of a big name team, Northwestern is a contender for the division this season. This is always a team to watch, but it's usually more fun when they're not playing your team...that is, unless your team decides to engage in some late game heroics. 
  • With a new coach coming into Madison, I took a look at the squad tucked between Lakes Mendota and Monona. The secondary, offensive line depth and the need to settle on a single quarterback are the primary points of concern for the 2013 iteration of the Wisconsin Badgers. 
  • And finally, I talked a bit about the Michigan State Spartans on June 24, a squad with a fairly considerable range of potential outcomes. The defense will once again be strong, but will it be strong enough to carry an offense now without star back Le'Veon Bell for another season? The Spartans' average margin of defeat in 2012 was slight, so improvement upon last season's 6-6 regular season mark is likely. However, if the Spartans are to win the division, it goes without saying that Andrew Maxwell (or Connor Cook) must provide better play from under center. 
So, there you go. Ohio State is up next week to close out MnB's offseason preview series. After that, we'll all take the highway exit into It's-Almost-Football-Time-Land.