Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Denard Robinson Q & A in the NYT

You've probably seen this already, but oh well. It's a fairly boilerplate set of questions and answers, but this part was of interest (other than the sexual orientation question, which he answered just about exactly as you'd expect him to):
Q. Your nickname is Shoelace because you play with your laces untied. Will you be superstitious or feel uncomfortable if the team that drafts you makes you tie your laces?
A. I am a little bit superstitious. But you know what? I can’t afford the fine. I’m not well off. So I will be tying my shoelaces if they want me to tie them. 
In the end, this is trivial --except for people like me and you-- but it is also somewhat saddening. NFL, why do you potentially (i.e. probably will) have to ruin everything that is fun and good?

denard.1.DSC_5464 copy
(Source: Adam Glanzman)

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