Monday, September 9, 2013

Miscellaneous Minutiae, 9/9/13

Still badly in need of new file photos. 

As I sit here watching to see if Chip Kelly's spread offense will work in the Big Ten NFL, here are a few links to pick through: 
  • Not necessarily anything new, but Brandon reiterates the desire to have one night game a year against someone that is not Michigan State or Ohio State. 
    • "Brandon mentioned Nebraska, Penn State, Iowa and Northwestern as possibilities for future night games." If Iowa can make its way back to respectability, all of those are fine options. 
  • Akron head football coach Terry Bowden: chief morale officer. The Zips head to the Big House this week after barely edging James Madison, 35-33. 
  • Bucky's 5th Quarter gets to know Arizona State, this week's opponent for Gary Andersen and Co. 
  • Miller's availability for this Saturday's trip to Cal remains up in the air. I'm guessing he will probably be able to play, but Kenny Guiton is more than good enough to get Ohio State the victory. 
  • Attendance at Northwestern's home opener against Saturday was at its highest in 12 years, checking in with a crowd of 38,033 at Ryan Field. It will be interesting to see whether or not Ryan Field's status as Big House South changes at all this year given Northwestern's success. 
  • Bill C. on the strange Greg Robinson hiring at Texas
    • "Stranger things have worked. At least, one assumes they have. But aside from, "He was good nine years ago," it's hard to find the rationale to get excited about this hire if you're a Texas fan. Pimp My Ride, Lindsey Lohan, and Vince Young were also good nine years ago."

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