Friday, May 21, 2010

News and Notes: 5/21

In the quest to help you forget about the impending sanctions of varying potential severity, I suggest y'all look to the diamond. Michigan sits one game behind Minnesota in the Big Ten standings. Michigan knocked off the struggling Nittany Lions, 6-3, putting the Wolverines at 33-19 overall and 13-9 in conference play, as well as locking up a spot in the Big Ten tournament. Due to some tough losses in non-conference play against the like of UNC, Coastal Carolina, and Louisville, it appears that an at-large bid is still out of the question, thus necessitating a conference tournament championship (much like the hockey team). At the very least, it is nice to see Oaks get the win after some rough patches this season.

Formerlyanonymous put up another excellent series preview yesterday. First pitch at 5:35 ET.

Minnesota, who faces Ohio State again today (after thumping them 16-2 yesterday), squares off against the Buckeyes on the BTN at 6 today. Root for the Bucks...I guess?

In other non-revenue sports, Michigan softball hosts the their NCAA regional this weekend, playing host to Illinois State, Wright State, and Notre Dame. If you are in town, GO. While admittedly not a softball fan myself, I become somewhat of a bandwagon fan come tournament time, and either way, it is another opportunity to beat Notre Dame.

Well. Sayers criticizes former team. Former team gets angry. Michigan fans yawn as vehemently as one can possibly yawn. At least the fallout from the Morgan Trent situation, although divisive, seemed somewhat well-contained within the Michigan community. Being a Bears fan, as well as a Michigan fan...well, no need to really finish that sentence. Although I am all for program unity, to quote the venerable Dickie V from Mike and Mike this morning: "This is America." Gale can say whatever he wants, just like Morgan Trent; however, that doesn't mean we have to agree with them or consider their arguments cogent.

How much better did he get, really? The BTN, after a couple hours of scintillating campus programming, is airing the 2010 Rose Bowl today at 2 ET, during which Terelle Pryor supposedly improved greatly, taking a Mao-esque Great Leap Forward according to some. Any hypothetical situation that links Buckeye fans with Communism is a darn fine one if you ask me (which you're probably not). Did he actually make a positive leap forward in his passing, or are we talking a "hey this is much better than before if you ignore the rampant famine and whatnot." I'm not convinced that the game proved much of anything (other than the fact that OSU's D was pretty good, and likely should be again this year), but I'll give it a look and perhaps post a recap on Monday with my layman observations.

Happy Friday everyone. Some visual morphine to get you through the weekend:

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