Friday, May 21, 2010

Whistlin' Dixie

It is a dreary Friday morning, and it's hard not to worry about things. We are about to head into the weekend Michigan fans, but a there looms a discomfiting fact on the horizon: that is, the impending self-imposed sanctions, to be announced this Monday.

To be honest, the fact that we are being punished in some way for the "major" transgression we have ostensibly committed isn't the worst part to me. The fact that we even have to announce vioations at all is what hurts, especially in lieu of the current situation at USC. The validity of the slings and arrows cast by the Freep and many Michigan-based writers is well-documented across the mitten-shaped swath of Internet that Michigan fans occupy. The fact that guys like Rosenberg think they have "won" as a result of this doesn't matter. Nothing matters but our ability to cope with the whole situation. At least, during the offseason this is true. The offseason is a fairly unfortunate thing for football programs across America...when EDSBS's coverage of scooter crime is news, you know it's time to shut it down and hope for September.

Now more than ever, our ability, as Michigan fans, to simply whistle dixie throughout this whole process, throughout Monday's announcement, will determine how well we can get through the cruel offseason. My non-expert opinion is that whatever we hear on Monday won't be so bad. It seems that our complete cooperation with the NCAA would render additional sanctions unnecessary, but you never know...and that's why you just gotta go whistlin' dixie by the stadium, pretending Monday is something else. All we can do take our punishment and go back to our hypothetical rooms, thinking about what we've done...which, if you ask me, isn't too bad in the grand scheme of college football violations.

In short, enjoy your weekends. Spend time with your family, friends, etc., and, above all, don't worry about what will happen on Monday. I know it will be hard and many of you will fail (an understandable reality), but it is the best for all of us.

In your quest to metaphorically stick your fingrs in your ears and tell LA LA LA LA, I suggest some of the finest videos on the Inernet from the one and only Wolverine Historian. Oh sweet sweet [insert clinging-to-the-past].

Now if y'all will excuse me, I've got some whistlin' to do.

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