Monday, October 22, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion Time (Michigan State)

Jake Ryan just drinkin' your milkshake, probably


As you can see, I did not rush the field. Clearly, this means I am a better human being and MICHIGAN MAN than all of those people (that was a joke). 
This week (!):

  • Some thoughts on this past Saturday's throwback BIG TEN FOOTBALL GAME over at Maize n Brew. Did you know that it was a Big Ten football game? Because it was a Big Ten football game, and it was also Big Ten football at its finest (apparently). Petty snark aside, that was a great game to go to and I'm glad I went. Aside from that, if you're still in the trance of the RR era's siren song, beating a Big Ten rival 12-10 with Michigan's kickers going 4-4 on the day should just about snap you out of it. This defense and not-heart-attack-inducing special teams thing is kind of fun. In any case, Michigan is 5-2; not playing Alabama again surely helps, but the improvement in this team since that September 1st contest in Dallas has in fact been something to write home about. Barring a November collapse, Michigan can pretty much lock up the Legends division with a win in Lincoln this Saturday. That's a fairly crazy reality after Michigan's non-conference performance. 

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