Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bulls-Pacers Postponed, Will Campbell Says Great Things

In case you didn't already know, tonight's game has been postponed due to the unfortunate weather in the Midwest. Thank you, weather; I really enjoyed writing that preview earlier, and definitely didn't mind wasting my time doing it. Hamburgers.

In other news, the pre-bowl game dead period continues to produce tremendous material. Here's a video featuring Will Campbell trying and approximately 99.9% failing to get on a banana boat:

Campbell sums up the day:
It's hard out here. I done fought two sharks, wrassled a sting ray, ate two crabs--had butter out there. It's hard out here but you know how we do it, I'm from Detroit. You know, it was nothing. Two great whites, punched a whale in the face... easy day. Go Blue.
William Campbell fought and defeated numerous sea creatures of all sorts. As such, the interior of South Carolina's line shouldn't provide much of a challenge to Campbell, who rules the Tampa Bay just so long as he does not have to get on a banana boat.

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