Sunday, October 13, 2013

Initial Reactions: Michigan-Penn State

Pictured above: me between 5 and 9:30 yesterday

I'm working on my game recap for Maize n Brew--the worst kind, i.e. the one you don't want to write and people don't want to read--but for now the above will have to serve as a placeholder for my thoughts. 

Last night's game was a maddening confluence of every possible negative outcome ever, and Michigan didn't lose until the 4th overtime period. 

Quite frankly, if I was upset I probably wouldn't be making awful Photoshops. We knew Michigan was a fairly mediocre squad, even at 5-0, and one loss in a tough road environment doesn't really move the needle much. Last night's game was frustrating for so many reasons, but it was a loss that Michigan deserved, if you believe in a team ever "deserving" a certain outcome. 

Michigan will have its hands full against an Indiana squad that can and likely will score some points. 

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