Saturday, October 19, 2013

Michigan-Indiana: Halftime Numbers and Notes

Yeah, this one should have been a noon game. Back in the day (i.e. the early 2000s), this would have been a comfortable Michigan rout on ESPN Plus. This game might end up that way, but the Wolverines are up just 28-17 heading into the half.

  • Michigan was nowhere near ready to play defense on IU's long touchdown score to Cody Latimer. In back-to-back weeks, Michigan's defense hasn't exactly responded too well to any sort of uptick in tempo. 
  • Running from the shotgun on Michigan's first touchdown drive was a sight for sore eyes. The drive went 56 yards in 5 plays, with Toussaint rushing for half of those yards. 
  • Before anyone extrapolates wildly, it should be noted that Indiana's defense is atrocious. 
  • Jeremy Gallon took what was basically a bubble screen 70 yards, setting up Michigan's second score. Again, IU is very bad defensively, but Michigan is much more likely to find success when it spreads people out. 
  • On a 1st & 10 late in the first, Gardner had all day to throw. Unfortunately, he threw it a half second too late, and Jeremy Jackson was not able to reel the ball in on the right sideline. 
  • Derrick Green showed a nice burst on seven yard carry that closed out the first quarter. To start the second, he showed some nice feet, moving left and cutting niftily back to his right to pick up seven more. 
  • On more than one occasion, Gardner didn't handle IU pressure too smoothly, especially the play in the second quarter when he was slow to get up. 
  • IU's two scoring drives lasted just 1:03 and 1:21. 
  • Yes, that should have been a holding call on A.J. Williams. You win some you lose some. 
  • Jeremy Gallon's first half stats: 8 receptions, 170 yards, 1 TD. 
  • Team stat comparison (via ESPN): 

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