Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Offseason Q&A Time With UW Dawg Pound

It's the offseason and yes, it is a terrible time. On the heels the Alabama offensive position group previews that have been going up here, one of the primary resulting questions has been "what changes may or may not be going down in Tuscaloosa on the offensive side of the ball?" (what with the whole new offensive coordinator thing). Given the style of offensive football forced onto the world by one Nick Saban, one would imagine that a coordinator is as simple as installing a simple file onto a blank robot hard drive. But, it's the offseason, and we have plenty of time to ask questions in May. 

Alabama brings in former UW OC/QB coach Doug Nussmeier to run the offense, so I had a brief chat with SB Nation's UW Dawg Pound on the matter. It's up over at MnB. I can't promise anything exciting, but it's the offseason. 

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