Friday, June 22, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion Time

This week in shameless self-promotion:
  • I talk about Craig Roh some. He is awesome, but can he consume enough Cottage Inn pizzas between now and September in order to be an effective SDE? Once we get closer to football, the whole "I can't believe that guy is actually a senior" sentiment is going to start hitting me pretty hard re: Roh. 
  • I write a mostly aimless piece about Ohio State, detailing: why it's just about time to move on from last year's win, a brief rundown of both sides of the ball for the Buckeyes, and why Urban Meyer=Napoleon Bonaparte. Basically, that post is what happens when you try to form coherent thoughts after midnight. 
  • A general note regarding last night's Game 5: as a Bulls fan, I really have no reason to say anything even remotely positive about the Miami Heat. However, if you're still hating on LeBron for leaving Cleveland, The Decision, or any other probably misguided reason (HE'S NOT CLUTCH PAWWWLLLLL), then you have effectively outed yourself as part of the avid and detestable First Take-watching demographic. Good job, you are terrible! Now that LBJ finally got his ring, can we all agree to stop saying stupid things about LeBron James, Internet? As unfortunate as "The Decision" was, LBJ has always struck me as a hard-working and humble guy who simply wants to win and be liked. As terrible as the ending of this Bulls season was, I find myself feeling genuinely happy for LeBron. You can also throw Chris Bosh in the mix here, as I've never really understood why he gets so much flak, facetiously or otherwise. 
  • And now we enter the terrifying part of the offseason that is "there is nothing but baseball on." Hang in there, will be back before you know it.  

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