Friday, June 1, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion Time

This week in shameless self-promotion:
  • Over at Maize n Brew, I wrote a thing about Nathan Scheelhaase last week to end Illinois preview week. Poor man's Denard or rich man's Terrance Owens? Why am I even asking this question? 
  • I also wrote way too many words about the state of Northwestern football; this can be found here
  • Lastly, I put in a few words on freshman safety Jarrod Wilson, whose CV currently reads: "Is a safety; talented, motivated, self-starter. Proficient in MS Word and Excel. Social media expert. Trucked by Thomas Rawls one time, but whatever." 
In other news, the BWC incident definitely does not require a full post--or even its own bullet point--so this sums up my reaction about as well as any number of words could: 

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