Friday, August 24, 2012

Alabama Link Roundup

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Here are some Alabama centric-links for you to mindlessly consume before trudging through the final Michigan football-less weekend for quite some time:

  • Winter is coming. Alabama prepares for Michigan. There is a picture of Nick Saban smiling therein. I'm not sure whether to be happy or terrified. 
  • Youngsters makin' plays and such. Chris Low gives you three instant impact guys for each SEC West team. A receiver, a corner, and a tailback for Alabama. 
  • Watch Eddie Lacy run through the pad forest one time. Here's a short video of Eddie Lacy running around a bit. That left ankle is fairly heavily taped, but, there's no reason to assume that he'll be hindered or won't play on 9/1. Either way, like I said arthritic turtle could run for 100+ yards behind that offensive line. 
  • BOILERPLATEEEEE. Standard issue stuff re: Alabama defensive players on Denard. He is a playmaker and must be stopped, says the Alabama defense while twirling its handlebar mustache nefariously. 
  • WHY DO I READ COMMENT SECTIONS ON THE INTERNET. Bama fan in the comments thinks that Hoke is "writing off" the Alabama game based on his "we've got to move forward after that and play those next 11" comment from his Mike & Mike appearance this morning. Facepalm. Why do I do this this to myself. 
  • Yes, Alabama indeed has wide receivers. Although passing the ball is not something that the average Alabamian has much taste for, Roll Bama Roll takes a look at the Crimson Tide's wide receivers. I've previewed them before myself, FWIW (HINT HINT READ IT MAYBE). Anyway, the Tide do have to replace Marquis Maze and Darius Hanks (in addition to H-back Brad Smelley), but there is plenty of talent coming back. Some of it isn't that experienced or game-tested, but there's talent nonetheless. 
  • Ersatz Denard. Some practice notes from today. Not much at all in there, but here's a moderately interesting note: it looks like Alabama hasn't selected somebody to be the Denard simulating scout team guy. I wonder who that'll be? It does look like someone has taken Roundtree's role, though. I hope that guy has his Donald Duck impression ready to go.
  • One more time. Here are all of my preview posts on each Alabama position group from earlier this summer, all in one place for your convenience. Again, a few things are dated due to transfers/injuries, but they are otherwise still accurate. 

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