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Miscellaneous Minutiae, 8/24/2012

Today marks the penultimate Friday before football season (well, technically it's the last, since there's a game next Thursday, but THIS IS a MICHIGAN blog, after all). To summarize my feelings on this development:

No foolin', that's basically what I look like every time I remember that football is nigh. Anyway, a quick note about this season on HTR before closing some more Dave Brandon-related tabs (and some other stuff) currently taking up space up there on my browser.

Site note. Since football season's warm glow is almost upon us, I figured it would be a good time to briefly mention what the tentative weekly plan for this here site will be. First of all, I'm starting grad school next month; unfortunately, this means less time to fritter time away on here. The 2011 season was pretty successful, as I found a way to get a post up on weekdays more often than not. That probably won't happen this season. If I do make an effort to post some thoughts, they'll have to be in a truncated form (if you've been reading this blog, you can probably tell that that is a problem for me).

Anyway, the most important thing is that my Monday game recap/general observations posts will not be appearing here this season. Instead, I will be doing them over at Maize n Brew, where they will appear every Monday at some point in the morning. I will make sure to provide a link here for convenience.

I will still make every effort to post some things with semi-regularity here, but, you know...priorities and all that. Anyway, this has been your official heads up! Moving on.

More Dave Brandon things. Puck Daddy talks about the effects of the NHL lockout on the city of Ann Arbor (and Detroit) if this work stoppage ends up axing the Winter Classic on January 1st, one of the NHL's biggest cash cows. Let's talk dollars and cents:
The local economy in Ann Arbor is also counting on an economic boost from an event that would draw as many as 115,000 fans. Ticket prices range between $79 and $279 with tickets being sold at seven different pricing levels.
Brandon said earlier this year that an average Michigan home game generates between $14 million and $15 million for local businesses, including hotels and restaurants.
Brandon expects the Winter Classic could generate even more money, which has been evidenced in recent years. According to the league, the annual winter outdoor game generates between $30 million and $36 million for host cities.
That is quite a bit of cash money for Ann Arbor, the U as a whole, and the entire metro Detroit area. Unfortunately, the lockout seems to pretty much be a sure thing, which is kind of mind-boggling (but is a post for another day and another blog); will it last through New Year's Day? If so, then that would just be the cherry on top of the moron sundae that has been this new round of CBA negotiations, talks defined by propaganda lobbed back and forth between a cadre of extremely rich guys guys and one of just plain 'ol rich guys.

How does Brandon feel about this potential outcome (i.e. no Winter Classic)? Here's how:
"Michigan Stadium has been dark and cold and barren every New Year's Day for the last 80 years. We're kind of used to that, and if something happens where they can't play the game, it'll be the way it's always been."
Take THAT people who think Dave Brandon doesn't care about tradition. See, he's all about "the way it's always been." Isn't that what tradition is all about? Like not making noise during games or complaining about quite literally everything as pretentiously as possible, some traditions should not be sacrificed at the nefarious Altar of Change. Speaking of traditions:

This ceremony might not happen at all this season and Gary Bettman is terrible (yes yes I know he's just representing his constituents i.e. the owners). That sound you're hearing is the evaporation of all of the NHL's post-2004/05 momentum.

Red Berenson has been awesome for much longer than you. Also from Puck Daddy, but the St. Louis Blues' "Essentials" post--a team-by-team preview type thing on PD--name drops our very own Red Berenson in the best goal section. The video:

The relevant text:
Red Berenson's sixth goal. The date was Nov. 7, 1968. The place was the Philadelphia Spectrum. The feat was Red Berenson scoring six goals in one game, the modern NHL record for most in one game. In 1920 someone with the Quebec Bulldogs scored seven on Toronto, but let's be fair. It was Toronto. Anyway, no other modern player has scored more than six and Berenson was the only player to score six in one road game. I'd write about a Stanley Cup winning goal or something. But that would be a really short paragraph with exactly zero words.
Not that this is anything new. Six goals in one game has to be the "Wilt scores 100" as far as hockey feats go, right (I'm asking you, reader)? A remarkable career for a tremendous player, coach, and man. I really hope he can bring one more national title before hanging 'em up. It really feels like he should have about five or six to his name by now.

Ringer, Bryant out for the season. There hasn't been much coming out of fall camp this year, and, for the record, I think that this is a good thing and good policy. Unfortunately, one of the few bits of actual news is not good. Chris Bryant, who redshirted last season and seemed primed to be a contributor and potential starter in the case of injury, and Kaleb Ringer have both gone down with injuries that will see them sit out the 2012 season.

Ringer enrolled early but was probably not going to be a factor this season. Bryant, on the other hand, is a bit of a bigger loss. Bryant went down with a fractured tibia...I'm not sure what the recovery time for that will be, but  I always get a little nervous about lineman getting hurt due to the potential for weight gain (maybe unjustified, but it is something).

Anyway, the line was already outrageously thin before this; losing a guy who would've played in some capacity is very, very bad indeed. Dear Mssrs. Lewan, Mealer, Barnum, Omameh, and Schofield: DO NOT  GET HURT DON'T MOVE DON'T GO ANYWHERE EVER OKAY THANKS.

Brandon on the band. DB talks about the Great Potential Band Fiasco That Never Was 2012:
"The band changed their mind," Brandon said. "They decided they didn't want to be in buses and they didn't want to play their way to Dallas and they came and said 'we're planning on coming to Dallas, everybody's planning on coming to Dallas, but we're not going to ride in buses we're going to fly in a jumbo jet and here's what it's going to cost.' "
Like I said when this little "family squabble" was first discussed: next time, take the bus, guys. I don't think that there's much reason to assume that this explanation is a lie or propaganda for the simple fact that somebody in the band could very easily just say "hey, that's not what happened." Contrary to what people think, I highly doubt that DB thinks that "all publicity is good publicity."

Either way, who cares. It's time to officially file this away in the shamefully overflowing "pointless and petty Michigan e-controversies" cabinet.

HEY DAVE (yes, one more). Nice marketing/PR stunt, pal! We all see right through you. You make me sick. 

(HT: mgovideo)
Of course, by all of the aforementioned I mean bawwwwww.

More? Dienhart went to practice yesterday, has some observations. UMHoops continues ranking the B1G's top 25 players; here's 16-20.

Enjoy your last football-less weekend (no, NFL preseason does not count)...Alabama and season preview stuff will go up here next week. Almost there. 

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