Monday, November 5, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion Time (Minnesota)

Homecoming at TCF Bank Stadium
(HT: MJ Hurley)

Sorry for the recent stream of Bulls talk, which probably made no sense if you decided to make your way to this tumbleweed-filled corner of the Internet at any point in the last few days. Sorry about that, I'm just trying to diversify my skill set around here. Plus, writing about the Bulls is the best way to get me mentally invested in a Rose-less Bulls for several months. Anywho, here's where I link to something I wrote elsewhere:
  • Michigan jumped to 6-3 (4-1) after following a truly macabre first quarter with three quarters of tremendous play in Minneapolis. Most importantly, Michigan very clearly has a capable backup option in case Denard's boo boo lingers, and I have the unfortunate sneaking suspicion that it just might. Of course, we probably won't know if Denard is going to play against Northwestern right up until kickoff because everything Brady Hoke says is artfully crafted trolling (of you, me, the media, fans, and basically everyone in his general vicinity). Michigan should be able to take Northwestern without Denard, but hopefully it does not come to that. 

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