Sunday, January 1, 2012

C YA 2011

This is where I flip the "We're Closed" sign out for the year as I head down to's been a fun year. For everyone that has read this here blog, WHAT ARE YOU DOING but thanks, really. I never realized that this would reach the non-zero level of acclaim that it has. It's important to have goals, guys.

But seriously, it's been a REAL GOOD TIME (deep down, you know that you will sort of miss that). In any case, thanks to all the Internet folks that have linked to the generally mediocre STRONG TAKES that have appeared in this space. Now, I must go do a lot of driving. Oh, and I promised to bring this out again before the game, so here it is:

First to get the sitting on couch, then to get the Sugar, then to get the pre-season top 10 

Time to protect that sugar from those bees Hokies. GO BLUE. 

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