Monday, September 10, 2012

Hope For Pahokee

(HT: Mike DeSimone
I feel terrible for not posting something about this sooner, but here it is. If you haven't already seen this, Martavious Odoms has been busy working to give back to his hometown of Pahokee, FL. We know this town, a town that veritably burst into our collective consciousness, like a comet streaking across the Michigan sky, because of the football recruits that came to Ann Arbor from there. However, these are also places, places with real problems and issues that actually matter and affect lives. These issues make all of this talk about football, done here and elsewhere, completely meaningless by comparison.

We always wonder: how can we possibly show our appreciation for the athletes that give their time and their energy to the sport that we love to watch? Well, this is one way to do that very thing.

Odoms is raising money via Kickstarter for a Pahokee project that would set out to strike at many of the problems that Pahokee currently faces, utilizing urban agriculture as a positive force for the betterment of his hometown. Watch the video above and read the mission statement that follows.

Odoms was one of my favorite players as an undergrad, and easily my favorite Wolverine of all time in the "underappreciated" category. I know that times are tough, but if MGoBlog's HTTV Kickstarter can reach its goal in approximately -12 seconds, this should have been fulfilled by now. If you believe that this is all about something greater than football (a frivolous and ultimately meaningless thing, albeit a very fun one), then this is one way to prove it.

The goal is $35,000, with the fundraiser ending on the 25th of this month. The project currently sits at just over $10,000. The rewards for each donation level are well worth it, but being able to help out a former Wolverine who truly gave it his all for Michigan and is attempting to do some real and measurable good in the world is the ultimate reward. Donate.

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