Monday, September 17, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion Time (UMass)

Here's your weekly helping of me telling you that I wrote something somewhere that is not here:
  • I wrote a little bit about Saturday's game over at Maize n Brew. We're three games into the season and none of what we've seen so far has been particularly illuminating with respect to the actual quality of this squad. Either way, it's still fun. Remember, there are worse things than watching Michigan blow out a completely overmatched, nominally FBS-level team: it could be July, with nothing but baseball going on in the world of sports. Yeah, just be thankful for what you've got...only nine more of these things left (plus the bowl game and maybe the B1G title game). Cherish them, because before you know it it will be January and you will be wondering where the past four months went. 

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