Monday, July 2, 2012

Miscellaneous Minutiae, 7/2/2012

Gettin' there. Via the Michigan football Facebook page:

Caption? How about "WOOOOOOOO" or "WARGGHBLB."


Playoff! This is a little late at this point, but I'm going to break the "no playoffs/realignment talk" dictum in order to make the completely official Holdin' the Rope statement on the new playoff format.

It is a playoff. There will be four teams playing in this playoff. There will still be complaining from various places around the country, complaining which will sometimes be valid (but not always). It will be different; change is good, but, more importantly it was in this case needed.

Yes, there are, shall we say, certain undesirable potential outcomes with this format (e.g. 3 SEC teams in a playoff field of 4), but we'll cross that bridge of vehement Internet complaining when we get there. For now, this is a good thing, unless it's not...otherwise, it's just about the same as before only with two additional teams. Progress!

Either way, Michigan will still jump up and touch the banner on Saturdays. Let's not lose sight of what's actually important.

/playoff talk

It's official, y'all. Missouri and Texas A&M have officially become members of the SEC as of midnight this past Saturday. Upon the clock striking midnight, Mizzou and TAMU players and fans all instantly shaved .4 seconds off their 40 times and upped their bourbon tolerance exponentially, in addition to winning the inalienable right to piggyback on the accomplishments of their new conference's members.

I already feel sorry for whatever Big Ten team Texas A&M will end up facing in the 2012 Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas. Fans of whatever B1G team this ends up being: hope y'all are ready to suffer some hilarious "S-E-C" chanting from the conference's newest pledge.

Brandon on scheduling. Dave Brandon said some things about his scheduling philosophy going forward. "Wow factor," huh? Sounds like some fancy shmancy corporate-speak to me, [insert whatever the Michigan version of "PAWWLLLL" is here]. Why can't Brandon opt for the "oh my that is tremendous indeed" factor, a significantly more wholesome and less corporately tinged factor? When will Dave Brandon ever think of the kids?*

Nick Baumgardner writes:
Some Michigan football purists are quick to criticize certain scheduling tweaks Brandon has made in recent years, from the home night game to a neutral-site contest to a Thursday evening affair. Some people would still rather have it the old way.
If there are actually people out there freaking out in any way about the Thursday night game in Utah, completely serious investigative report from last week is doubly relevant and not at all facetious under the circumstances.

On a serious note, I don't really buy the "wow factor" of a game against, say, Colorado, but it's better than another game against a take-your-pick of the Michigan directional teams. Even if Colorado isn't all that good, a BCS name on the schedule is better than nothing. I would say something along the lines of "change is good" here, but this stuff isn't even indicative of some sort of sweeping's just trying something different. Yes, you might have to DVR the Season 843 premiere of The Office that Thursday night instead of watching it live, but that's just your fault for still watching The Office, hypothetical Michigan "purist" who is upset about this and oddly is a fan of The Office in the post-Michael Scott era

*By "kids" I mean "football purists."

REAL GOOD TIME. I didn't notice this until now, but Sippin' on Purple provides a link for you to click on that will perhaps help send Pitbull to a Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska. For those of you that believe in nothing in this world, believe in this. The natives of Kodiak deserve this real good time, and no I am not selfishly doing this for the greater good of the contiguous states of America.

So, please go to Facebook and like the page for the Kodiak Walmart. Make a difference in the world today with one swift click. Thank you.

More? Charles Barkley tried to illegally recruit Dirk Nowitzki to Auburn...of course he did. Never change, Chuck. The Lakers re-signed Darius Morris, the Cavs waived Manny Harris (from UMHoops)...things are looking pretty grim for Manny. DMo's situation isn't much brighter, but the Lakers' PG situation is still fairly terrible, even if they end up re-signing Ramon Sessions, who recently became an UFA (although I imagine that they will try to make a move for someone this offseason).

Can you imagine what Notre Dame fans being in places like Stillwater or Lubbock would be like? I'll tell you what it'd be like: HILARIOUS.

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