Friday, July 20, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion Time

First of all, before I get to the self-promotion...Carl Grapentine himself commenting on my post from last week means that I should probably just shut this thing down right? I mean, that's probably as good as it will ever get. Shut it down, let's go home.

I won't, but nothing cooler than that will probably appear in this space. Oh well. Self-promotion:
  • I wrote some nice words last week about my favorite Louisianan Wolverine (hint: he's the only one), Drew Dileo. I'm sure he will have some relatives at the Cowboys Classic, seeing as how--oh wait nevermind, Baton Rouge is 7.5 hours away from Arlington. Well, that's still road trip-able, I guess. 
  • Also last week, but I wrote a little thing about Michigan State, a thing which you've probably read before but bears revisiting: MSU is going to be good again, and will probably be pretty good for as long as Dantonio is in EL. 
  • I put in some words on Wisconsin football, including a brief discussion of the dark pre-Alvarez years, as well what Maryland transfer and Russell Wilson heir apparent Danny O'Brien and new OC Matt Canada might mean for the UW offense going forward. 

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