Friday, July 27, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion Time

Only one item of self-promotion this week:
  • I wrote a few words about Michael Schofield, he of the relocation from LG to RT. Strangely enough, he has morphed into, by my reckoning, Michigan's second best offensive lineman after starting last season as Michigan's 6th man. 
  • The above is exactly what you expect it to be: tremendous. SYNCHRONIZED SMUGNESS!
  • I remember being in a Nike store in NYC one time and seeing one of those shirts with various swaggy phrases emblazoned on the front. One of said shirts read "Lazy But Talented." I tried to figure who in the world would buy such a shirt. New Chicago Bulls signee Marco Belinelli would buy such a shirt (see the comments). 
  • Lake The Posts on Northwestern's new look from Under Armour. It's kind of mystifying how these sorts of posts often yield wayyyy more comments than posts about actual football, but that just goes to show you...actually, I don't really know what that shows you. People are weird? You probably already knew that, though. 
  • BREAKING: Devin Gardner will play wide receiver this year, Joe Schad confirms. Okay, not breaking (and not Joe Schad, although it could be, couldn't it?), obviously, but it's the first time that Hoke has referenced it directly as opposed to going wellllllll or engaging in MC Escher-esque run on sentences that never really begin or end but just kind of feed into each other into perpetuity and before you know it the interview is over and nothing has really been said at all. So, yeah, Hoke said it. 

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